[Video] Grief Recovery Method with Divorce

Learn more about how the Grief Recovery Method has helped so many cope with the loss around divorce:   Are you also dealing with loss around a divorce? I would love to talk with you more.
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Grieving a Loss Before it Happens

Anticipatory Grief

Grieving a Loss Before It Happens Anticipatory grief is most commonly associated with the feelings of grief felt by those who are dealing with a loved one’s impending death. A Place for Mom describes anticipatory grief as often being as intense as the grief experienced after a death itself. Perhaps a better and broader definition…
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Heart with bandaid

Divorce and Grief

A divorce can be very emotionally painful. The problem is that divorce and grief are rarely talked about in the same sentence. When a couple chooses to end their relationship by divorcing, it is normally because they have found that the problems in the marriage are such that they have decided divorce is the best solution.…
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There is Now Proof that Grief Recovery Method Can Make a Difference

Most of us never give any thought to how to deal with an emotional loss, until we find ourselves overwhelmed with the pain of grief.  It is at that point that we discover how very few tools we have to deal with that pain, and that most of them do not really work!   Think…
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